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Blots, eyesores and carbuncles

This page will look at some of the 'not so good' buildings in the city


First up is the old Derby police headquarters on Full Street. Closed in 2002 when the police moved to swanky new premises in Chester Green, this building was ugly even before it became derelict. Various plans have been put forward over the years with the latest being a luxury hotel. The council is hoping that the site will be cleared by the end of 2013 - we shall see!!


The next fine example is the Tax office. This monstrous and oversized building backs onto the beautiful Georgian Friargate.

The next building has only just been finished. Set on the corner of Curzon Street it faces 2 beautiful Victorian houses. It has been built as the new home for the Bonsian and Herzogovian Community Centre but it says nothing about the culture of either of those countries. It could easily have been a doctors surgery or a vet.

Duckworth Square

This was once a thriving shopping area with various specialist shops set around an open courtyard. Closed down and demolished in 2003 the area has remained derelict ever since. Over the years a number of ideas have been proposed for its redevelopment but there generally seems to have been a lack of interest from the various private owners who seem content to simply hold onto the land and then sell it on when a profit can be made. The latest proposal is for a multi- million pound health centre.

Duckworth Square

Duckworth Square